Personal Strength Training


Instructor Experience


When it comes to applying exercise principles that have been proven to work, there’s no one better than an experienced, educated instructor to help guide you. At Live Oak Strength, we are frequently attending professional conferences, diving into the literature, and implementing in house continuing education requirements for all team members. This means that our instructors are true professionals, ready to help our wonderful clients get great results with exercise rooted in science.

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What the Research Says


The fitness industry is inundated with misinformation, irresistible marketing, false promises, gimmicks and fads. When it comes to exercise, most programs don’t work very well, are dangerous, and a plane old waste of time. At Live Oak Strength, we ignore what is popular, and instead look for what the science says works for most people, safely, across a lifetime.

However, this is merely a guideline, not a be all end all way of making decisions. If the research was extremely precise, we’d all make progress with the heaps of information at our disposal. This is sadly not the case. This is why everyone, including experts, need experienced, communicative and supportive instructors to help make sense of the variables and create rational exercise programming that works.

Conversation between Colleagues

Client Input


We’re the experts, but in order to do our job well, client preference plays a huge role in how we design a personalized strength training program. Personal training should be personal. If a client does not (or cannot) adhere to the most-effective exercise method for whatever reason, then a B+ version is great because long-term adherence is really more important than striving for perfection within each individual workout. Consistency over the long-term is how to best reap all the amazing benefits that resistance training has to offer. 

Putting it all Together

At Live Oak Strength, we do individualized strength training that is efficient, slow motion and evidence-based. We value communication, education and our client’s input and time. Our instructors use their experience to prescribe the safest, most effective exercise to help our clients look better, feel better, and become the strongest version of themselves, all in a FRACTION of the time.


This is what truly sets us apart from the crowded fitness arena. 

WHY BUilding strength should be your biggest fitness priority

Strength is the currency in which we move through this life, and we often do not realize how valuable it is until it is gone.

A major health issue we all face in life is sarcopenia: the inevitable loss of muscle mass as we age. Unless we give our bodies a compelling reason to keep its muscle, it is common to lose as much as ½ lb. per year as early as our mid 20’s. Compounded over the years, this can lead to a dramatic loss in functional ability and can result in significant health issues. By the age of 80, it is possible to lose nearly 50% of lean muscle. 

While all very healthy activities to participate in, Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Dancing, Zumba, and Running will never initiate as many positive drastic changes to your body as strength training will. 

Work with us for just 30 minutes once or twice a week and we guarantee you will get stronger and become more resilient for any of the physical activities mentioned above.


Slow-motion, high-effort resistance training is the solution for a longer, stronger and more functional life. It's safe, effective, and time efficient for all ages.

Strength Training is the closest thing to fountain of youth that you will ever do.