Virtual Strength Training

As of September 1st, 2021, we are no longer accepting new virtual clients.



Times are uncertain; your workouts don't have to be.


Now more than ever, it is crucial to pay extra attention to your strength and health.


Why Personal Virtual Training with Live Oak Strength?

The online fitness industry is inundated with misinformation, enticing YouTube workouts, and social media influencers who look fit, but know nothing about what it really takes to help other people make real, long lasting changes. When it comes to exercise, most programs don’t work very well, are dangerous, and a plane old waste of time. At Live Oak Strength, we use our combined 50 years of training experience, and look to what the preponderance of scientific research says works for most people, safely, across a lifetime, and then design a personalized workout that is perfect for you. You will also have time to ask questions and get tips and advice from seasoned professionals on how to maximize your health and well-being during these uncertain times.

But don't I need access to your facility, the ARX and Medical Grade Equipment for this type of workout to work?


While we at Live Oak Strength are total equipment aficionados, it is important to understand that it is NOT the tool that creates results, but the ability of the practitioner to give the client the end result they desire with the tools available. That being said, there are TWO really important scientifically back reasons you need to understand that are most important when it comes to getting results with exercise: Direct supervision and a high level of subjective effort. With virtual one-on-one workouts, we can directly supervise you, correct your form, and ensure you safely work at a higher level of effort than you could on your own or following some cookie cutter YouTube workout or social media influencer. 

What Equipment do I need?

While we can help you get a great workout in with just a chair, towel and some everyday household items, here is a comprehensive list of equipment we recommend you purchase to maximize your virtual workout experience.

Adjustable Dumb bells

Yoga Block

Yoga Belt

Resistance Bands

Ankle Bands


What others are saying about

"I was skeptical that a virtual workout could be effective as in person, but was pleasantly surprised at how thorough and intense the entire workout was. The coaching was detailed, the exercises were clearly explained, and I was pushed beyond what I could do on my own or with the aid of a prerecorded workout...
I highly recommend trying a virtual workout... you'll feel great afterwards!

"I had a great time. It was harder that I expected"

"The coaching was spot on, just like the in person sessions, and I was surprised to feel this challenged with just a towel, a chair and my own body weight. I am so proud of Live Oak for pivoting to an online platform to stay connecting with their clients and keep us all strong and healthy while we are spending more time at home"