Get More Done in Less Time.

20 Minute Workouts.

Twice a Week.

Individualized High-Effort Strength Training

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Time is our most precious commodity. With our methodical approach to resistance training, you will receive a more profound exercise stimulus in less than 30 minutes than what is possible in the gym in one hour.



Moving quickly during exercise is not only ineffective at providing a stimulus to the body, but also greatly enhances your risk of injury. For faster results, move slower.

Slow motion


The effectiveness of our approach to exercise is based on decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature across multiple fields. No fitness fads here, just sound science and meaningful results.



your time is too valuable to spend on exercise that doesn't work

You're busy. Between your career and family, there just isn't enough time to dedicate to exercise. Let us show you how to get more out of your workouts in a fraction of the time. It's not magic; it's fitness, down to a science.

Save time

We've distilled the latest resistance exercise research into a safe, time efficient exercise protocol that will completely transform your life. You'll never look at exercise the same once you experience a slow-motion, high intensity strength training session at Live Oak Strength. Two twenty minute weekly workouts is all it takes to get the benefits you desire from exercise.


Improve Body Composition
Higher metabolic rate
Burn more calories at rest
Increase bone mineral density
Prevent muscle loss (sarcopenia)
Improve cognitive function

Improved insulin sensitivity
Enhance self-esteem
Improve athletic performance
Reduce risk of injury during daily activities


real results

The stronger you are, the easier life gets. Let us help you prepare for that half marathon, that swim meet, that tough meeting with your boss, taking care of an ill family member or even that hike in the Dolomites or Machu Picchu! Whatever your goals may be, we are here to support you in getting physically and mentally stronger, and leading an extraordinarily confident and courageous life.




Strength Training

Monthly Autopay

One-on-one strength training supervised by an experienced instructor. Always safe, efficient and incredibly effective. Build lean tissue and build stronger bones. The best part? You're in and out in less than 30 minutes, twice a week.




Virtual Strength Training

Monthly Autopay

Your workout should be about YOU, not the instructor on the screen. One-on-One virtual training is here to keep you on track no matter where you are in the world.




Cardiovascular Training

Rides Included w/ Autopay

Get the benefits of a 45 minute jog in less than 10 minutes with CAR.O.L: artificial intelligence led high-intensity interval training.

Short. Smart. Scientific.



Body Composition Reading

Readings Included w/ Autopay

Book an InBody reading with one of our personal trainers and track changes in your body composition from segmental lean mass, fat, water weight and more.




"I was skeptical that a virtual workout could be effective as in person, but was pleasantly surprised at how thorough and intense the entire workout was. The coaching was detailed, the exercises were clearly explained, and I was pushed beyond what I could do on my own. I highly recommend trying a virtual workout... you'll feel great afterwards!"


"I have worked out at gyms most of my life especially while in the Marines. The workout I do with Owen is harder than any workout I've done. It really is what you put in to it; for 20 minutes I can give it my all. Thanks for helping me ski, hike, wakeboard, dive, and look great in a swimsuit."


"It does not get any better than Lucy & Owen for trainers. I've been working out for years since I was a teenager. This resistance training (HIT) while not fun, is great for results. I can't believe how it relieved my neck & back pain. Plus I am not only stronger but "cut ". And the best part is it's only 20 minutes long. Do it. You will not be disappointed."


Your Plan for success

Free intro

Request to book your first workout. Click below and we will get in touch with the details.

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Experience it

Workouts at Live Oak Strength are different than anything you've ever tried. Once you experience the difference, you'll understand why it works.

build the habit

Let us design a personalized program for you. All you have to do is commit to your  appointments and put in the work.

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Refine & repeat

Train consistently with us 2 times per week and we guarantee you will get stronger. Be unstoppable with our evidenced-based, slow motion and efficient 20 minute workouts.