Safe and Effective High-Intensity Strength Training

Incredible Results in Minutes per Week. Not Hours.
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Your safe and effective workouts will be done in less than 30 Minutes, 2x/Week.



Force = Mass x Acceleration. Slow down and let your muscles do the work.

Slow motion


Our approach to exercise is based on decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature across multiple fields. 



your time is too valuable to spend on exercise that doesn't work

No more guesswork.

Time to work with the experts and reach your true potential.

All it takes is two focused sessions per week to look and feel your best.

Get more done in less time

maximum effort

The number one controllable factor to ensuring you get remarkable results from exercise is consistently giving a high degree of effort. When performed correctly, these will be the most physically and mentally challenging workouts you have ever experienced. Commit to the process and you will not only feel incredible, but have more time to go enjoy your strength doing the things you love.


Improve Body Composition
Higher metabolic rate
Burn more calories at rest
Increase bone mineral density
Prevent muscle loss (sarcopenia)
Improve cognitive function

Improved insulin sensitivity
Enhance self-esteem
Improve athletic performance
Reduce risk of injury during daily activities


live your potential

With more strength and time you're going to feel more confident and eager to enjoy the physical activities you used to "back in the day". Pass your kids on family bike rides, sign up for that marathon, hike the Dolomites or pick up your grandkids and throw them over your shoulder with ease. Whatever it is that motivates you, we will help you get there.


Our proven process