Career Opportunites

Live Oak Strength is a Bay Area leader in providing slow-motion, efficient, evidence-based strength training. Interested in joining our team? We offer competitive wages, bonus opportunities, paid time off, 401K, and include an in house certification training program.

If you are interested in learning more about our business, mission, and values, please email us at info@liveoakstrength.com and attach a cover letter and resume.

How much do live oak strength instructors make? 

Live Oak Strength is not some big box gym where personal trainers are forced into a sales position to rapidly acquire new clients with no true incentive to get the client results. Instead, our instructors focus on supervising existing and new Live Oak Strength clients, and delivering world-class customer service experiences for everyone who walks through the door.

We have a detailed growth plan for all perspective instructors to follow to work up to an income that will allow them to afford living in the bay area. If you want a raise, your set of tasks and certifications to earn that raise will be clearly laid out in front of you. The more experienced and accomplished an instructor becomes at Live Oak Strength, the higher per session rate they will receive. Committed instructors can expect to earn between $36,000-$50,000 in their first year, up to $72,000 in their second year, and up to $100K after completing 3 years of employment and all core growth plan tasks. More opportunities to grow your income with additional responsibilities outside of training clients (ie management, sales, mentoring) will also become available for those with the right drive, skill set and continued alignment to our core values.

what does a typical work schedule look like for a live Oak Strength instructor?

Unlike many facilities that pay trainers as contractors, all Live Oak Strength instructors are full-time employees - meaning 30-35 hours a week working directly with clients, and 5-10 hours a week of administrative duties. We do not hire instructors who are only available part-time. You must be available at least 4 days per week to work at Live Oak Strength. There are three typical shifts available and all instructors are expected to work a combination of all of them, including some weekends.

Shift A: 6:30am-2:30pm

Shift B: 11:30am-7:30pm

Shift C: 6:30am-10:30am and 3:30pm-7:30pm

Instructors will always have at least 2 days off per week. Taking on more or longer shifts is available with client demand and if the instructor wants to increase their earning potential. Clients at Live Oak Strength do not belong to any particular instructor. Clients can book workouts online with any instructor on any day or window of time. This not only ensures a better experience for the client, but also allows our team to have a better work-life balance, to get coverage easily when sick or on vacation, and make more money by covering additional shifts.

what credentials & qualifications does a live oak strength instructor need?

4 year degree in exercise science or related field

5 years experience as a personal trainer, physical therapist assistant, or exercise physiologist

HITUNI Personal Training Certification (master trainer preferred)

100% alignment with our company core values: Time, Relationships, Science, Growth Mindset, Hard Work

General skills needed to be a successful, long-term member of our team:

Ability to be comfortable making people uncomfortable, attitude of gratitude, team player, detail oriented, general ability to problem solve common technology issues, a hard work ethic, great communication skills, zero excuses or sense of entitlement, ability to show up on time every time (at least 5 minutes before a shift starts), ability to receive feedback without being defensive, ability to work hard without constant positive reinforcement, ability to leave personal drama and baggage at home, ability to not multitask but to instead have laser like focus and deliver the best customer service experience our clients have ever received anywhere. 100% alignment with our mission and core values.