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LIVE Oak Strength Policies

To ensure everyone has a 5 star experience training with us, all members must understand and follow our policies, systems & guidelines.

  • Please make changes to your workout schedule with as much notice as possible so that we may offer your time to other clients wanting to train. Communicate, plan accordingly, and make changes to your schedule with more than 24 hours and you will never lose a session. 

  • Members are responsible for making changes to their own schedule via the Live Oak Strength mobile app or online scheduling system. We allow changes to be made up to 4 weeks in advance. For schedule requests further in advance, please email or talk to the front desk staff.

  • Sessions canceled with 24 or less hour notice will be forfeited. No shows will also result in the loss of the session.

  • Extra sessions will be charged at the time of service (i.e. if you opt to train more often than what's included in your membership, and/or on longer months with 5 weeks).

  • If you late cancel or no show 3 appointments in a rolling 4 week period, Live Oak Strength reserves the right to cancel all your upcoming appointments and offer your time to other clients.

  • You may modify or cancel any membership by giving at least 2 business days notice before the 1st day of the month. If you fail to give ample notice and request a refund, you will be charged a $50 late cancelation administrative fee.

  • Missed workouts can be rolled over into the next two months. After that, they expire. If you want results, you need to be consistent!

  • If you need to take more than 1 month off of training, we can pause your membership, but can not hold your appointment time.

  • Under no circumstances does Live Oak Strength prorate monthly autopay amounts due to travel/absences. It's your responsibility to schedule missed sessions within the allotted 2 month rollover period. You can always pause your membership and schedule drop ins online for months when you're unable to attend all your workouts.

  • We will add a $75 credit to your account for any referral you send our way who becomes a paying client. 

  • Please silence all your devices before walking in - this includes your cell phone and smart watch! 

  • Clean shoes only - no hiking boots or dirty shoes please

  • We are a SCENT free environment. This includes, essential oils, lotions, pain relief creams, perfumes etc. 

  • If you modify or cancel your membership, you'll have until the end of the month to use your sessions. Unused sessions will be forfeited. 

  • Live Oak Strength typically raises it's rates yearly by 2-3%.

  • Life is short - be kind and be honest. Any unkind, rude or malicious behavior toward our staff or other clients will result in the immediate termination of your membership and permanent suspension from our facility.

Thank you for reading and understanding our facility policies. 

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