PersonaL Training

Our training style isn't for everyone.

We don't train for entertainment.

We train for results.

Exercising for health is like investing. 
Chasing calorie burn with chronic cardio
is like living paycheck to paycheck.

Our members workout smarter by understanding that muscle is an asset for long-term health, daily performance, and quality of life.

When done properly, developing strength takes minutes a week NOT hours.


Our members reclaim time and build strength by engaging in personalized high-intensity workouts that deliver measurable results.

When you invest in strength you equip yourself to maintain a healthy metabolism, reduce injury risk, and achieve a greater lifestyle.

Our version of high intensity is RARE. We optimize for safety and eliminate complexity by using precision MedX equipment to achieve smooth and controlled repetitions.


We give every workout full focus and 1-on-1 attention. Expert guidance and zero distractions is fundamental to achieving your best. Our culture of excellence is the backbone of our proven process.

The level of intensity and quality at Live Oak Strength makes 2omin 2x per week an optimal dose.

Between workouts we encourage positive habits, fun activity, and recovery. Our workouts change the way people view themselves as high intensity achievement shows what they are truly capable of!

The average member at Live Oak Strength has been training with us for 3 YEARS! 


In a world of fads and flimsy new years resolutions our community keeps showing up and working hard. We are incredibly proud of their consistency and results they are achieving!

Live Oak Strength may Be For you if...

  • You hate being slowed down by injuries, aches, and pains.

  • You care about your health and want to get back to the things you love.

  • You get a sense of accomplishment from hard work.

  • You love efficiency and efficacy.

  • You don't have time to waste on fitness fads.

  • You keep showing up for what you believe in.

  • You want to know the WHY behind your routine.

  • You know you have more in the tank and want to find it.

  • You have no interest in becoming a gym rat.

  • You are the type of person who likes to carry the groceries in JUST ONE TRIP.

  • You plunge into in the pool rather than tiptoe around the inevitable.

3 pillars of evidence-based exercise

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Expert Trainer

When it comes to applying exercise principles that have been proven to work, there’s no one better than an experienced, educated instructor to help guide you. At Live Oak Strength, we are frequently attending professional conferences, diving into the literature, and implementing in house continuing education requirements for all team members. This means that our instructors are true professionals, ready to help our wonderful clients get great results with exercise rooted in science.

Scientific Research

The fitness industry is inundated with misinformation, irresistible marketing, false promises, gimmicks and fads. When it comes to exercise, most programs don’t work very well, are dangerous, and unfortunately a waste of time. At Live Oak Strength, we ignore what is popular, and instead look to what the science says works for most people, safely, across a lifetime.

Everyone, including expert trainers, need communicative and supportive mentors to organize the variables to create rational exercise programming that works.

Client Input

We’re the experts, but in order to do our job well, client preference plays a huge role in how we design a personalized strength training program. Personal training should be personal. If a client does not (or cannot) adhere to the most-effective exercise method for whatever reason, then a B+ version is great because long-term adherence is really more important than striving for perfection within each individual workout. Consistency over the long-term is how to best reap all the amazing benefits that resistance training has to offer, and your input and feedback will play an important role on your strength journey with us.

the beauty of our Evidence based program is that it will keep you safer and get you better results than any other approach to exercise. 


Why so intense?

Building strength REQUIRES intensity.


Time under tension is the signal for your muscles to adapt, our job is to safely bring you to your edge. High-Intensity does NOT have to equal high impact OR high risk.


We keep you laser focused on producing the intensity to ADAPT and TRANSFORM. 

Why only 20min Workouts?

You'd be surprise how much time people waste doing unproductive things at the gym. We've "trimmed the fat" off of your workouts and will not waste your time doing ANYTHING that isn't directly correlated to producing results.

In fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the intensity of your own effort matters MORE than the amount of exercise you do.

When you achieve your optimal intensity, you'll get all the benefits of strength training in an 20 minutes. 

Why just 2x per week?

If you workout at Live Oak Strength properly, you will not want to be here more than twice per week. You don't need to live in the gym to make progress! 

After you complete a slow-motion high effort workout, you'll need at least 2-3 rest days to supercompensate (grow stronger than you were before the previous workout).​

This means exercise doesn't have to consume your schedule, so you can enjoy your life outside the gym.

Why resistance training?

Only resistance training improves ALL of the following:

  • Muscle Quality

  • Bone Mineral Density

  • Joint Mobility

  • Balance and Stability

  • Resistance to Injury

  • Metabolic Health

  • Cardiorespiratory fitness

  • Cognitive Function

  • Emotional Well-Being