Personal training

Supervised | one-on-one | By Appointment only

Platinum plan

8 Personal Training Sessions per month

Unlimited access to the CAR.O.L Bike

One Quarterly InBody Reading

Monthly Autopay

Gold Plan

6 Personal Training Sessions per month

Up to 12 CAR.O.L rides per month

Monthly Autopay 

Bronze plan

4 Personal Training Sessions per month

Up to 8 CAR.O.L rides per month

Monthly Autopay 


Adaptive resistance exercise

Self serve | individual or partners | By Appointment only

ARX 8x

8 Adaptive Resistance Exercise Workouts per month

Workout twice a week unsupervised on the Alpha and OMNI.

Monthly Autopay

ARX 4x

4 Adaptive Resistance Exercise Workouts per month

(Personal Training Members can add this membership for an additional $79/month).

Monthly Autopay

ARX Partners 4x

4 Adaptive Resistance Exercise Workouts per month


Partners train together without a trainer, at the same appointment time, 4 times per month.

Monthly Autopay

Cardiovascular training

Self serve | by appointment only

CAR.O.L Unlimited

Ride as frequently as you like. Book rides online or through our app to reserve your spot. We recommend 3-4 rides per week. Does not include any strength training.



inbody570 reading

15 minute consultation includes an Inbody 570 reading with one of our personal trainers whom will interpret your results with you and, if desired, will give suggestions on how to improve your body composition.


Terms of Service

  • There are no contracts and you may change or cancel any membership by giving at least 48 hours notice before the 1st day of the month.

  • If you choose to cancel, unused sessions will be forfeited. 

  • On longer months allowing for more than the allotted sessions in your membership, expect to be billed at the same per session rate on the day of the extra session (i.e. a 5th personal training session on the 5th week on a 4 session/month plan)

  • At the end of the month, all sessions expire. This ensures you get the right does of exercise consistently for best results.

  • Personal Training Memberships may be used for in person or virtual sessions in any combination.

  • If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice you will lose that session.

  • CAR.O.L bike rides and Adaptive Resistance Exercise appointments are self-serve. Please start and finish your session on time to ensure the next client can also start their workout on time.

  • Receive a free workout when you refer a friend or family member who signs up for any strength training or ARX membership.


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