Live Oak Strength is A Safe Place to Get Stronger

We have never lived through a time period where strength training and the cardio metabolic health benefits that are stimulated by strength training are more important than they are right now. At Live Oak Strength, we know proper exercise is non-negotiable if we are to live up to our full potential. 

We also know that crowded spaces and heavy breathing are not safe and have thus adapted to these new challenging times to ensure an incredibly responsible and safe workout experience.

Here are a few ways we are able to keep YOU safe in a world with covid-19.

  • All services are by appointment only - no walk ins.

  • No more than two clients and two trainers will be on the exercise floor at the same time (2000 square feet, 30 foot ceilings, incredible ventilation).

  • Physically distance ourselves from clients 

  • Average appointment times are short - less than 25 minutes.

  • Sessions start and end on time, and clients must leave promptly after their session to avoid overcrowding.

  • Equipment and surfaces are wiped down regularly

  • Staff all wash hands regularly and will always wear a mask.

  • We filter our air with two high powered air purification systems that have been proven to kill viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

The G3 series air filter effectively and safely addresses unwanted biocontaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors.
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What we ask of our clients

  • To wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap  in the common area before entering our facility

  • As of August 1, 2021, to wear a mask when entering our facility

  • To not come in if exposed to covid-19

  • To get tested for covid-19 if there is any chance of exposure

  • To not come in for training for 2 weeks after any airline travel

  • To arrive on time and leave our facility promptly. No congregating or wandering around our facility is allowed.

  • To cancel with at least 12 hours notice if sick or if a family member/housemate is sick (even a cold)

  • Sign our Covid-19 Release Form

Our AIr Filters Kill Viruses

Unlike other air purifiers, the Boomerang actively purifies the air AND surfaces throughout a room. It can actually kill viruses on surfaces like a door handle. A recent study found this technology killed 99.998% of MERS virus on a surface in just 4 hours. In contrast, a study at the University of Arizona (UA) found that if a single sick employee came to work then 50% of commonly touched surfaces in the office would be infected with a virus by lunchtime (just 4 hours). Thankfully, the Boomerang can purify the air, and even a surface already contaminated with something like a virus, bacteria, or mold.