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High Intensity Training


Live Oak Strength is proud to be the ONLY facility in the bay area with a COMPLETE line of MedX Strength Training equipment. Behind every piece of MedX equipment are decades of experience and millions of dollars of university-based research. You will not find any other equipment that is built as thoughtfully around the human frame than MedX. This equipment stands out above the rest for four main reasons that will directly give you a huge advantage in getting a safer, more effective and efficient workout.  


  1. Low Friction:  Some gym equipment has as much as 30% friction whereas MedX equipment has anywhere between 0 and 5%.  Why is this important?  It is well understood that humans are much stronger when lowering weights than lifting (the negative portion of a movement). If friction is involved, you will essentially be giving your body more resistance when it is in a weaker portion of the movement (the positive), and less resistance when it is stronger, giving your muscles ample time and opportunity to recover before you can thoroughly fatigue them.  This can unnecessarily create longer, less efficient workouts that require multiple sets. With Live Oak workouts on MedX, you will be able to accomplish more in less time. Trust us, you won’t want to do a second set.


  2. 2 lb. weight increments: The point of exercise should be to fatigue your muscles safely and deeply enough to trigger a stimulus to adapt and grow stronger. In order to do this effectively, we need to select a safe, yet meaningful amount of resistance that will allow you to fatigue slow, intermediate and fast twitch fibers, roughly between one and two minutes. On traditional equipment, you are often only able to make leaps in 5-10 lb. increments, which is more weight than our body can adapt to from one workout to the next. Adding too much weight too quickly can be unsafe, discouraging, and inefficient at recruiting and fatiguing the maximum amount of muscle fibers. Conversely, if not enough weight is added, you will be on the machine too long, and your body will not have any reason to adapt as it is already capable of such work. This is why small weight increments of two pounds is helpful in administering a proper dosage of exercise for you at any given time, and to continually give your body a reason to keep growing stronger. We also supply 1l lb. penny weights so we can continue to challenge our most advanced clients as they reach their genetic strength potentials.


  3. Short weight stroke: MedX is the only company with short, one-foot weight strokes through the entire range of motion. Most pieces of gym equipment have two-foot or more weight strokes, which can create ratcheting, inconsistent resistance, and more friction.  On MedX the weight stacks have less distance to go, creating an incredibly smooth and evenly distributed amount of resistance at all points in the movement.


  4. Proper Strength Curve: Perhaps the most important and appealing reason why Live Oak founder Owen Dockham chose MedX equipment is the unique cam and lever systems. In a nutshell, each joint movement has a different, natural strength curve - positions where the muscles are stronger and weaker during an exercise. MedX allows a smooth continuous workout by adapting to each unique strength curve and giving an appropriate amount of resistance through the entire range of motion. This helps with the efficiency aspect of our workouts at Live Oak, as you will always be challenged with the greatest amount of resistance that you are currently capable of doing - never feeling completely unable to move the weight, but also never feeling as if the weight is too light.

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