Our team


Ceo, Instructor

Owen started Live Oak Strength to offer a rational, safe, and effective approach to exercise not found anywhere else in the eastern Bay Area. Having supervised nearly 10,000 one-on-one personal training sessions with individuals from ages 13-89, Owen is confident that everyone has something positive to gain from this unique, evidence-based approach to exercise.  


Through his career in the health and wellness industry, Owen has helped guide people to accomplish meaningful results—effectively, without hurting them and without wasting their time doing dangerous or inefficient movements.  He firmly believes exercise should enhance one’s life rather than consume it, and should never under any circumstances cause injury. That’s why Owen and his team adhere to the principles of high-intensity training, supervising brief and intense workouts, on a one-on-one basis, in a quiet, welcoming facility, free of distractions.


Like many health practitioners, Owen's passion stems from personal obstacles he overcame by implementing the modality [high-intensity resistance training] he is now deeply invested in teaching.  Many wasted hours at the gym following genetically gifted fitness marketers’ advice left Owen constantly frustrated and feeling like a failure. He finally learned, studied and implemented the principles of high-intensity training to his workouts at DeSisto Strength Training with Andy Babkes, and started to gain muscle, energy, and feel more confident and experience less regular aches and pains.  Owen knew he had to share this amazing work with as many people as possible, and nothing was going to stop him. Owen feels very fortunate to have worked under the direct supervision of David DeSisto and Andy Babkes, and to assist his clients with the knowledge and passion passed down from them.


Outside of Live Oak, Owen enjoys playing classical and jazz piano, the outdoors, the company of his wife Lucy, two pit bulls, Luna and Sophie and their cat Darwin. It is Owen's dream that everyone has the strength, courage and patience to pursue their dreams, and he is honored to help anyone willing to go for it.


  • Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Council on Strength & Nutrition

  • Instructor at DeSisto Strength Training, 2015-2018

  • Holistic Nutrition Consultant, with honors, Bauman College

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Power Plate® Instructor

  • Fitness Director, Nutrition Coach & Rehab Assistant, Symmetry Health Center 2012-2016

  • BA,  Music & Psychology of Communications, Cornell College

  • CPR Certified

lucy Dockham

Office manager, master traineR

Passionate about working with people living with postural issues, Parkinson’s, limited mobility, chronic pain, and acute injuries, Lucy helps all of her clients find strength and confidence  . She understands firsthand that it’s the little changes in people’s lives that make a huge difference. Now a certified Master Trainer with a background in yoga, Crossfit, and Olympic weightlifting, Lucy didn’t start out as an athlete; in high school and college, she spent her free time knitting and listening to audiobooks on the couch. It wasn’t until she started practicing yoga that Lucy discovered the physical and mental health benefits of building strength and balance. Encouraged to push her limits, she took on the challenge of Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting. If she could give anyone a tonic for boosting confidence and keeping anxiety and depression at bay, it would be strength training. She finds special joy in helping women claim their own confidence and power.


There’s no question: Lucy’s a badass. But at the heart of her practice is mindful compassion. Through slow-motion,  low-impact, high-intensity training, Lucy brings the mental and physical benefits of strength training to clients of every physical capability, including the most vulnerable. Working in a nursing home, she saw how many people ended up losing their independence due to sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss), which is easily preventable with just 20 minutes of safe resistance training per week. Lucy tailors her workouts to the abilities and personal style of each client, using her yoga training to guide clients through mindful, slow, and safe but intense movements and fluid transitions. Lucy loves nothing more than hearing “My knee pain has completely disappeared when I go up and down the stairs!” Each individual has a level of intensity they’re capable of reaching. Lucy gets to know each client personally and communicates in a style that allows her clients to reach their full potential. Calm, clear instruction and support make Lucy’s workouts feel safe and achievable. Expert-level instruction and efficient high-intensity workouts, leave her clients feeling confident and strong.

For Lucy, living life in balance means hiking with her husband Owen and two pit bulls, Luna and Sophie, eating good food, reading, knitting (while her cat sits in her lap), and playing classical piano. She ends the day with her favorite restorative yoga poses.



  • Certified High-Intensity Master Trainer, HITUni

  • Certified CrossFit® Trainer (Level 1)

  • Certified Precision Nutrition (Level 1)

  • Certified TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher (Under the supervision of Vickie Russell Bell)