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Our mission is to give our clients the strength, confidence and time to wholeheartedly share their unique gifts with their families, communities, and the world.

Time is our most precious commodity. With our method of resistance training, you will receive a more profound exercise stimulus in 20 minutes than most people get in an hour at the gym. We do this by emphasizing slow, controlled movements on medical grade equipment that will keep your muscles under constant tension, and help you achieve a safe and profound level of muscular fatigue.

One set per exercise is all it takes.


Force = Mass x Acceleration. Moving quickly during exercise is not only ineffective at providing a stimulus to the body, but also greatly enhances ones risk of injury. By using medical grade equipment and a slow speed of movement, you will experience a more physically and mentally challenging workout than possible anywhere else. Life moves quickly: time to slow down and focus on the task at hand. For faster results, move slower.

Time to get strong.

Slow motion

The effectiveness of our approach to exercise is based on decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature across multiple fields.  Research shows that  just a few minutes of brief and intense exercise per week can offer just as many if not more health benefits to a high volume approach, yet with less risk of injury and time commitment. At Live Oak, we rely on science to design your fitness program, not what is popular.

No fitness fads here.



Our approach

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View of our beautiful, skillfully designed MEDX machines.

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